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Courses of foreign languages ​​abroad

Language schools offer courses for different purposes: to obtain basic knowledge, to prepare for international examinations or to enter a foreign school and university, to master business vocabulary, to combine language learning
with engaging in creativity, sports or recreation.

Each course you can study in different formats: in small groups, individually or in the teacher's family.

Also, the language courses can have different intensity: from 15 to 40 academic hours per week.


Language schools abroad offer several types of accommodation: in a residence, in a host family or in an apartment. Choose a residence to live closer to school and communicate more with classmates. Homestay - if you want to get acquainted with local life and traditions. And those who value comfort and independence will be accommodated in the apartments. Note that the last option is possible only if you are already 18 years old.

Cost of education

The cost of language courses abroad depends on many criteria: duration of the program, intensity, variety of extracurricular activities and excursions, type of residence, location of the school. For example, one - week English courses abroad will cost from $ 316. Be sure to pay attention to the list of services included in the price. Most often for insurance, transfer from the airport, air tickets and a visa you need to pay extra. Some schools do not include accommodation and meals.

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